Specialised Senior Care

Enrol in this comprehensive course to become a certified Caregiver and accelerate your career in senior care. This University-certified training program is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to provide effective care to the elderly and family members under your care.

This comprehensive course includes learning practical skills on how to properly handle a patient, from assisting them in ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), to more complex conditions (bedridden patients).

Learn how to care for the elderly with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinsons, and learn how to effectively communicate with the elderly to handle their physical and psychological needs.

Upon completion of the course, all candidates will be accredited with a Certificate of Completion in Specialised Eldercare, jointly awarded by UTAR (University of Tunku Abdul Rahman) and Care Concierge.

Course Outline

The course consists of 4 modules, totalling a combined 32 hours of lecture and scenario-based learning. Each module represents a subject related to senior care.

01 Fundamentals of Caregiving

Learn the fundamentals of being a caregiver, learn to correctly assist the seniors in ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), and learn proper transferring and lifting techniques. Learn how to communicate effectively and learn to be aware and properly assess the conditions of the elderly in their own home.

02 Post Operative Care

Learn to care for patients after being discharged from the hospital, and how to manage their recovery at home. Learn to understand the basics of medication, and learn how to motivate the patient by undergoing a key range of motion, physical, and mental exercises to keep them active and engaged while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

03 Eldercare

Understand and learn about common conditions and diseases that occur with the seniors; eg. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinsons. Gain insights on activities, cognitive and physical games to help manage their conditions. Delve deeper into the advanced skills required of a caregiver in the home environment, learning to assist with NGT feeding, suctioning, and PEG tube cleaning. This module also covers respiratory care and being aware of the risk and safety in the home environment.

04 Palliative

When the senior reach the last stages of their life, it is important to learn how to deal with the issues of Palliative and End of Life Care. As a caregiver, understand the importance of being the support, a confidant, and in certain situations, a counsellor for the elderly and their loved ones. The module also covers post hospitalisation care and dealing with common medical conditions like diabetes.

Internship Program

“The best way to learn is to do it.” After completing the 4 modules, students will be required to perform a minimum of 60 hours of internship at one of our Care Concierge affiliated centres, where they will gain valuable hands-on experience on the job. You will be supervised by a RN Nurse at all times and will be paid as an intern depending on the posting.

Certification of Completion

Once you have completed the course, take the OSCE Examination conducted by UTAR and their medical examiners, and earn your Certification of Completion in Specialised Eldercare.

Striving to do better,

Find out how we try to make a difference in senior care.

Striving to do better,

Find out how we try to make a difference in senior care.