Senior Care Specialists

We rely on you, so that those who need care can rely on us.

If you’re a nurse, either working privately or at a nursing home/hospital; if you’re a freelance therapist; or if you have any prior experience in caregiving; we would love to have you onboard.

After all, caregivers like you are the backbone of Care Concierge.

Join Us Today

  • Good Income and Bonus
    Attractive and above industry average rate. Regular payouts.
  • Great Teamwork
    You do not work alone. We are here to support you.
  • In-house Training
    In-house training and professional certification for constant upskilling
  • Flexible Working Hours
    Have the freedom to choose how many and which cases you would like to take
  • Be part of a larger family
    Explore opportunities to work within our larger portfolio of retirement resorts and homes.
  • JomCARE App
    Our app makes you a better caregiver, access training videos and monitor clients.